About YSC

Knowledge from Highschoolers to the Highschoolers


YSC is on its journey to give young researchers a platform and resources to get involved in research and group projects. YSC also provides an environment where young learners get a chance to share their knowledge with other young learners throughout the country through various online classes in Robotics and AI.

On our website, we are preparing route maps and a complete course structure that every high schooler can follow to get started with AI and Robotics

YSC is a bridge between these youth and innovation to create a skilled society which we all want.

Discussion with Rameshwar Sir.
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YSC's values

  • Learn and Innovote
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Explore
  • Never stop learning
  • Education to all
  • Always


Rameshwar Adhikari
Father of YSC
Amit Timalsina
President and AI Lead
Suraj Thapa

Lucky sah
Ronen Aacharya
Technical Department Head
Prabesh Shrestha
Robotics Lead